Beyond Wonderland: A State of Trance #550

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I know I’m excited for Beyond Wonderland. Is anybody else excited too? The return of Armin van Buuren to Southern California!!!!! However, there are more artists that I would like to see besides AVB. I cannot wait to spend a night with Electronic Dance Music and with other friendly and beautiful people. This annual event will again be held at the NOS Center in San Bernardino by Insomniac and will feature a wide selection of Trance music, the Hospitality Tour for Drum and Bass, and Steve Aoki’s Dead Meat Tour. The event sold two weeks ago, but if you still need tickets search on Craigslist or ask on Twitter or Facebook for tickets because this is one event you do not want to miss!
To kick off my night I will want to see Andrew Chen aka Shogun who remixed Dash Berlin’s “Better Half of Me,” which was featured in a post on our blog two weeks ago. Chen is an American deejay best known for his remixes, and his work has gained support and respect from worldwide phenomenons such as Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond, and of course Armin van Buuren.

I have not been able to see Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and NERVO when they performed at Escape From Wonderland in October, so I will try to catch their sets at Beyond. Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike are Belgian Deejays, but they are also blood brothers. The brothers have become superstar-quality deejays in two years! NERVO consists of two very talented twin sisters, Miriam Nervo and Olivia Nervo, from Australia. The twins write songs, produce songs, and are models for Neutrogena too. NERVO’s music is well known for being chunky, dirty, and sexed-up Electro-House, which is pretty unique compared to other music. These sibling combinations will be at another insomniac event and I will not want to miss their sets. If you want to listen to other good artists before Armin’s set, I recommend that you check these deejays out also.

I don’t know why, but I am more excited to see Hardwell and Gareth Emery than I am to see Armin van Buuren. However, I will still be at the main stage for Armin’s ASOT #550 set!!

Hardwell is only 23 years old and has been featured on the “DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s” ranked as the 23rd best deejay, but he is no stranger to the turntables as he has be mixing for over ten years now. Hardwell’s talent has led him to have sets at big venues such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo in New York, and has been able to tour around Europe and the US. I got to thank Tiësto for helping me discover Hardwell during their collaboration for Zero 76.

Gareth Emery is one of the young and up and coming artists from Europe and is the highest ranked deejay from the UK! Currently Emery is polled as the 7th best deejay in the world in ‘DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s.’  The reason I am more excited to see Gareth Emery is because I fell in love with his song “Concrete Angel” when I heard it on Sirius-XM’s BPM and I discovered his music and it’s awesome just like Hardwell’s music. Both of these rising stars will be headlining big events later on in their careers. I’m excited for Beyond, and if you’re also going hope you have a great time, stay safe, on your best behavior, and stay hydrated specially.

By the way here is Tiësto’s new song that he recently released on on March 11th to his YouTube Account “Chasing Summers” 



Biggie and The Origins of “Hypnotize”

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In honor of the death of The Notorious B.I.G., I wanted to take a look back at one of his most famous songs: “Hypnotize!”  The lyrics, are flawless, the instrumental is perfect, and the video is superb.  Let’s delve deeper into some of the aspects that went into the making of this lovely track.  The song contains a sample from Herb Alpert’s “Rise,” a song that became a number one hit in the late 70’s.  One of the creators of this song, Randy “Badazz” Alpert, recalled that he was approached by numerous rappers to sample “Rise.”  Some of these rappers included Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Eazy-E, and numerous others, all of whom were turned down.  However, when Alpert was approached by Sean “Diddy” Combs about using the track Alpert agreed.  Alpert remembers that when he asked Diddy why he wanted to use the song, Diddy replied that it reminded him of skating as a kid during the Summer of 1979.  This, along with Alpert being sent a rough recording of the song before its release, are what pushed Alpert to finally grant permission.  We all owe a great amount of gratitude to Alpert granting Diddy and The Hitmen use of the song. Without it Biggie’s album would have been void of one of the greatest Hip-Hop tracks of all time!  To gain some further incite about the song, I have provided the following video which explains the Hitmen’s involvement and the hook (which is derived from Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh’s “La Di Da Di,” so if you didn’t know, now you know).

Tyler the Creator and ODD Future

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As many of you may know, Tyler the Creator is a fairly new artist.  Tyler is at the young age of 20 and has already began his journey of greatness as a rapper and artist.  Tyler first appeared on tv in 2011 and has become a big hit since.  He is well known for his song “Yonkers” from his album GOBLIN.  Although only 20, Tyler’s song “Yonkers” has nearly 40 million views….quite impressive for the young adult. Tyler managed to make his own music videos and album covers and has been praised for doing this because of his creativity and imagination.  Tyler later created his own music label, “ODD FUTURE,” whom now tours all over and is a great success because of their wild attitude and exciting concerts.  If you are looking for a change from your original rap or style, look this guy up.  His videos are strange and will blow you away.

Kendrick Lamar and TDE: Future Legendz

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So I’ve been following this kid Kendrick Lamar for about a year now after I was introduced to his music by my cousin.  The West Coast has been primarily dominated by Gangsta rap for the last twenty or so years, so to hear a talent like Kendrick who doesn’t rap about gang life is truly refreshing.  The theme behind Kendrick’s music has a “good kid who grew up in a bad neighborhood” type of vibe, laced with jazzy and sometimes electronic instrumentals that add a new sound to the West Coast’s repertoire.  He is part of an independent rap collective that combines him, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock to form Black Hippy.  In all honesty, I think Black Hippy may be the best rap group to have come out of the West Coast, even better than N.W.A.  I have nothing but respect for N.W.A., but not every member of N.W.A. could rap extremely great.  Each member of Black Hippy delivers superb lyrics.  In a way, Black Hippy is somewhat of a West Coast Wu-Tang with dope beats and hot lyrics, but not as many members.  They have their own label, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), from which they release group and solo projects. Their website is fairly new but you can take a look here  If they continue the momentum they have going, there is no doubt they will go down as one of the best Hip-Hop groups of all time.  I’ll end it there and leave you to discover the rest of TDE yourself.  Before I go I’d like to leave you with one of Kendrick Lamar’s newest joints…


Smokeout Tour 2012

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Smokeout Tour 2012 is hitting the Inland Empire this weekend. Show is March 3 starting at 3pm. Tickets start at $86. The show will be held in San Bernardino at the National Orange Show event center.

Performances by Cypress Hill, Wiz Kalifa, Sublime, Korn, and many more!!!

2012 Line-Up

Dash Berlin

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I went to see Dash Berlin perform at the Palladium in Hollywood on Friday night and I loved his performance. In case you are not too familiar with Dash Berlin, Jeff X. Sutorius, began his career as a deejay by working together with close friends Molijn and Kalberg in 2006. A year later he released “Till the Sky Falls Down,” which was later acknowledged by Armin van Buuren by being published in his album Universal Religion. 

After the song was featured in van Buuren’s album Sutorius’s career as a deejay took off and was signed by the record label Armada Music. Armada is considered a powerhouse in Electronic Dance Music as they have talented deejays such as ATB, Armin van Buuren, Tim Berg (Avicii), and many other deejays signed under their banner.
Dash Berlin played many of his best hits for the crowd and also mixed other artist’s songs into his set. The night was definitely one for the books because I partied and danced the night away while listening to Dash Berlin for the first time live. I recently became a fan of Dash Berlin’s music and his live sets are just as good as his songs on his albums and podcasts. Insomniac hosted the event for Dash Berlin in Hollywood and sold out and it was full of people. However, in case you missed Dash Berlin’s concert on Friday, you can still catch Dash Berlin in Las Vegas at the Marquee on March 9th and in San Diego on March 10th at the 4th & B. You can purchase tickets for the Las Vegas event at: tickets being $20 for female general admission and $30 for male general admission. The tickets for the 4th & B event can be purchased at for $25 per person.
This song “Better Half of Me” is one of my favorite songs by Dash Berlin and especially like this remix by Shogun.


UC Riverside’s HEAT Festival: Major Lazer

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Well folks, it’s finally here…HEAT music festival!  Every year, UC Riverside throws this large festival for it’s students around the same time of the year.  Although UC Riverside has three large concerts, HEAT is always the most interesting because of its wide variety of artists.  This year, many well known artist will be attending such as: Chiddy Bang, Mac Miller, Iration, and many more.  One of the main attractions is Major Lazer.  This group consists of DJ/Producers Diplo and Switch.  Major Lazer is most known for its house and reggae fusion sound.  Their first album was released in 2009 and people eventually became attached to the songs “Pon de Floor” and “Original Don” ft. Partysquad.  Just when you think the beginning sounds redundant, keep listening until the DJ comes in with his sound, that’s when you will realize you know the song.  Hopefully those of you reading this are able to attend the  concert this Saturday March 3.  If not, listen up and enjoy!

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